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Acknowledgements p. xi
The Maligned Serpent p. 5
In Defence of Sex p. 7
Sex: The Ultimate Power Weapon p. 9
Origins of New Sins and Shame p. 14
Sacred Master, Sex Slave: Cycles of Morality p. 15
The Chronicle of Sex: An Indian Tale p. 17
The Vedic Period: Sex as a Sacred Duty p. 25
Hinduism’s Family Tree p. 28
Sex and the Creation Theory p. 35
The Altar to Virility p. 39
Divine Semen p. 44
Women in the Vedic Sex Equation p. 48
Harnessing the Slave p. 55
Jung and the Penile Archetype p. 65
The Buddhist Period: Sex as a Prison p. 67
The Precipitants of a New Sacredness p. 70
Breakdown of the Vedic Patriarchy p. 78
The Search for Change p. 81
Buddha, the Revolutionary p. 83
New, Rebellious Ideas p. 84
Buddhism: The Slaves’ Civil Disobedience p. 85
The Expulsion of Sex p. 90
Evolution of the Collective Consciousness p. 94
Why Buddhism Failed in India p. 97
The Mind at Odds with the Body p. 107
The Golden Period: Sex as Salvation p. 111
When the Slave Became Master p. 116
Love: The People’s Movement p. 122
The Resurrection of the Love God p. 125
Repositioning Sex in Society p. 128
Sex as Art and Science p. 133
Sex and the Creative Drive p. 139
The Psychological Dimension of Sex p. 145
Women on the Warpath p. 150
Tantra: Undoing the Duality p. 165
Emergence of the Lingam-Yoni p. 176
Embracing the Human Expression of Nirvana p. 178
The Colonial Period: Sex as Shame p. 187
The Arrival of Islam p. 194
The Birth of Hinduism and a New Moral Incentive p. 198
Hypocrisy of the New Master Class p. 208
The British Prelude p. 214
Safeguarding the Chaste p. 215
The Indispensable Sin p. 221
Sex in the Power Equation p. 230
Redefining Women p. 235
The Indian Woman Awakens p. 252
Gandhi: The Moral Architect of Modern India p. 265
The Democratic Period: A Sexual Paradox p. 283
Two Worlds, One Nation p. 287
Who Will Be Master of the Democratic World? p. 292
Women as Sex Objects for the Patriarchy p. 298
Killing the ‘Other’ p. 312
The Puzzle of the Lingam-Yoni p. 316
India at a Crossroads: Which Way Will It Go? p. 322
Notes p. 332
References p. 381
Index p. 401

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