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This book will place place Rita Banerji’s feet firmly and solidly on the world stage…in the position of people like Frederick Douglas…Simone De Beauvoir, Gloria Steinem.The Word Worth Magazine, U.S.A. (click on’Editorials’ for the full, long review) –.

A long-delayed, clear-eyed examination of what has been going on in India, and why.Intersections (Australia).

An extraordinary take on a subject..still a taboo.. a new interpretation of Indian history. The Telegraph

She critiques what official versions tiptoe around. She is less than forgiving of Gandhi’s views on sex, for example, which she exposes as confused and misguided.  — Tehelka.

She takes it on from every conceivable angle…makes excellent arguments on issues.The Businessworld

READ ALL REVIEWS AND CITATIONS HERE. (click on the name of the magazine)

The Telegraph
Business World
The Word Worth Magazine of Ideas and Arts (U.S.A.)
Intersections (Australia)
The Hindu
The Deccan Herald
The Big Issue North (U.K.)
The Guardian
First City, Jan 2009
Desh, Feb 17, 2009 (in bengali)
The Hindustan Times, March 09, 2009
Indian Express
The Telegraph (an interview)
Protidin (bengali)
Express India
Sahara Times
The Dawn (Pakistan)
Mount Holyoke Quarterly (U.S.A.)


4 thoughts on “REVIEWS

  1. I found you on twitter and then checked out your blog. I am launching a site for women in pain (physical or emotional). We are doing interviews of women to hear their story and who can be role models for other women. There is a portion on our site for giving back to society “ripple of compassion”. I would so love to interview for our site. Would you be interested?

  2. i just got done reading it and id recommend it to everyone. i had a hard time finding it though but the college i graduated from had a copy and they let me check it out. once i started i couldn’t put it down. i finished in just 4 days.

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